My Favorite Popcorn Substitute

My absolute favorite snack to cozy up on the couch with is popcorn! However, no matter how much I would love to have some traditional popcorn covered in butter and salt, it has been banned in my household. As it makes me “sick and cranky.” This led me to an intensive search to find an adequate popcorn substitute.

After many google searches and some trial and error, I have found my favorite popcorn substitute. Sorghum!

I am a huge fan of popped sorghum! The taste and texture are very similar to traditional popcorn, albeit a lot smaller. I can still soak it in some dairy-free butter and salt, and I wouldn’t know the difference. However, because of the size, I tend to eat this with a spoon. It also cooks the same way as the stovetop popcorn, which is even better!

Another variant that I have tried, is Amaranth. I am not overly fond of it because of how small the “popped” grains are, texturally it’s not a great substitute.

Sorghum grains can be difficult to find at grocery stores, typically stores will carry the flour version but not the grain, which is needed for “popping.” I often have to order it, but once you know what brands work best it’s quite easy! I found this brand on Amazon for under $10, sold from the Bob’s Red Mill Company, but the shipping was free. I prefer to buy directly from the company’s website or local when possible, due to limitations it is not always possible.

Why these brands

I love Bob’s Red Mill, they have a great variety in certified gluten-free foods and are wonderful quality! They have been providing gluten-free foods for over 40 years and have a separate facility specifically to provide 100% gluten-free. My pantry is full of this brand.

Arrowhead Mills has been a dedicated organic company since 1960! They not only test all their equipment and facilities but also continuously run small-batch tests to ensure the products are Gluten-free!

Popped Sorghum next to the grains


I placed the nutrition content side by side, just as a reference. However, I am not one to go solely off of nutrition labels. I prefer to eat foods that I know are healthy but allow myself to have things like a good popcorn substitute when I am in the mood for it.

Now you can go cuddle on the couch with a good cup of hot chocolate and an allergy-friendly popcorn substitute!

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