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My Goal with this Blog

After spending much of my life on Pinterest or reading about how to live around multiple allergies. Figuring out what options are available to me, how I can DIY products, and how certain products mix or cook. I have decided to combine all of the experience and knowledge I have personally gained into one place. Hopefully to the benefit of someone!

I want to share my entire life and everything I have to personally combat with you. Everyone can learn with me, gain a new understanding, and relate to my disappointment when the gluten-free pizza crust fails. Again…

I will not pretend that I know everything, that I have not failed various recipes multiple times or made foods that looked amazing but tasted like chalk. I also will not ever give the impression that leading the life I have to is easy, ideal, or even not stressful. Having a recipe fail, not having anything while traveling to eat besides french fries or a bland salad is very frustrating, and having to explain to most servers what my allergies actually are (and that I actually have an allergy, not just a preference) is very tedious.

I, like everyone else, am an imperfect person who is just trying their best. I will be upfront if a recipe or something took me a while to understand or accomplish.

My hope is to have several categories to this blog, to share what I have found works for me or does not work, and why. How I get around the fact that very limited restaurants cater to my needs, but how that number is (slowly) growing. What all I eat, and how I make it taste good without making unhealthy foods.

How I ensure that we get nutritious and filling meals without slaving in the kitchen for hours. What most people assume about me when I have to share that I have several allergies. How I run my household, relationships, and live in general.

I want ‘Life Around Allergies’ to be relatable and something that an individual can envision themselves within the posts, using the recipes, or reassuring themselves based off of something I have shared.

My overall goal is to run this blog and be able to benefit people with and without food allergies. I, by no means, am an expert and will never claim to be such. So, anything I post should simply be taken as how I live my life and what I do, not how I believe everyone should life their life.

That is up to you, as a unique individual. I pray that this blog is simply a starting point.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for reading this page. If there is a post that you like, please share it! Spread the words and tell everyone who you think would find this blog beneficial. I hope you have a fabulous and blessed day!

If you have any questions or would like to contact me, you can email me at LifeAroundAllergies@gmail.com

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