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Surviving the Grocery Store with Food Allergies – Corona Virus Edition

Combating the grocery store with food allergies is already hard enough as it is. Having to check, and re-check, all ingredients for both new foods and foods you buy often. Because for some reason companies believe that they can change ingredients whenever they feel like?!

What’s with that?!

During this Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping the world and has several nations in quarantine to try and combat the spread. This means that almost every individual is stocking up on all essentials and any food that they can get their hands on. Leaving little to no options for those of us with food allergies.

All the foods that I typically buy in an average week, that store always seem to have an abundance of, are gone! I know full good and well that you do not need or want that last bag of certified GF Almond flour, ma’am…

Unfortunately, the disparagingly empty shelves just means that we need to become (even more) creative than we already are! As if it wasn’t hard enough already!

This lack of food for those allergic gained the attention of major new sources! The Hill wrote ‘People with food allergies face extra risk during coronavirus pandemic‘ and on FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) has even put out a ‘Food Allergy Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Checklist

What I Try To Do

  • One of the employees at my local store told me that if you go shopping before 12 pm, there will most likely be more of the options that you need! I have been trying to go in the mornings now and have found many more products still available. The earlier the better!
  • Stick with simple whole foods! A pandemic is not the time to try that delicious new recipe that you found on (my) blog… Although, it’s obviously yummy!!
    • I have stocked up on both fresh and frozen vegetables, soaking them in produce cleanser before storing them.
    • We have several different types of meats, that are both frozen and fresh. I have our staples like steaks and chicken breast, but I also bought a whole frozen chicken and some stew beef to cook in our crockpot.
    • We also have some brown rice pasta, potatoes (sweet, red, and regular), and some wild rice in order to make a variety of meals.
  • I stock up on some more filling snacks like yogurt, carrots, hummus, chickpeas, kale (to make dehydrated kale, YUM!), frozen fruits (for my yogurt and a smoothie), protein powder, canned pineapple, Chia seeds and Hemp hearts (for extra protein and nutrients)!
  • Now I also get some junk foods that are available! We LOVE these cookies from Sweet Loren’s, some Popcorn or popcorn alternative, Chocolate!, chips, and some rice crackers!

While social distancing is in effect and the CDC is trying to contain Covid-19, those with food allergies seem to need to go shopping much more frequently. Stay Safe, be smart, be kind to employees, avoid people when possible, and shop early!

I will be making blog posts on some great snacks and simple dinners to make during the Covid-19 lockdown through April 1st!

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