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Hey, Y’all! A few months back I had this wild idea to start a blog about my life with various allergies; and, I actually followed through, so here we are! Welcome to my blog and hopefully this about me will introduce myself effectively!

This idea started when I, for the thousandth time, had to intently question the wait staff, about ingredients. Before ever informing them of my allergies, as to gauge the allergy policies of that restaurant.

Safe to say we did not eat out much…

Having to explain what dairy or gluten is, and how someone could possibly allergic to them. Many believe that lactose intolerance is all-inclusive. How because of my allergies that didn’t mean I only ate tofu and lettuce. I’m often told how someone is lactose intolerant or has other sensitivities but choose to eat these foods and suffer. Simply because they taste better.

I have come by people who simply didn’t understand allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities and were genuinely curious and inquisitive. I love talking to these individuals, as they just want to understand and learn more.

Unfortunately, though, I have also come across those who didn’t believe in food allergies/sensitivities, or how someone could have a reaction to an everyday common household cleaner. These people have been scattered throughout my life and range from someone who saw the items in my grocery cart, strangers who have found out and wanted to argue, friend’s parents (who are often cooking for you), and two different doctors that simply did not believe in food allergies.

Many would often state that if a product would make that many people sick, why would it be made? *facepalm*

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About me!

My name is Meredith and I am a 22-year-old Kentuckian! Currently working towards my fourth major change at my third college, I have finally landed on Nursing and am working towards my RN with a minor in Psychology and Nutrition. I’m not quite sure what I plan on doing as a nurse, but it is a very transferrable job and opportunities for nursing are always readily available.

My fiance and I have two rescue dogs, Capone, and Jesse who are very spoiled. They also get several homemade treats and meals, which I hope to incorporate into the blog.

I am engaged to the most wonderful man who is willing to try all my crazy foods and altered recipes. He has also readily agreed to almost fully alter his diet in accordance to what I can eat. Thankfully, he wasn’t concerned as to what household products we used (as he didn’t have any option.)

Jesse and Capone

As the name of this blog may have suggested, I will be posting all about living my life around allergies. I have been personally blessed with allergies to all forms of dairy and gluten (including cross-contamination), corn, cinnamon, many fragrances, lotions, sunscreen, detergents, and multiple other topical products. I lead a very expensive life!!

It has caused me to become quite creative and cook frequently as well as make many of my own products. I have found a few trustworthy brands, but oftentimes I opt for good DIYs or purchasing individual products.

My hope is that through this blog I am able to share recipes, ideas, and general knowledge about food and skin allergies. I plan on sharing all of my knowledge, DIYs, brands I use, recipes I make and create, and the general way I live my life through this blog.

I hope to share enough that it may benefit those with allergies and spark curiosity in those who either don’t understand or refuse to believe. This blog will have posts about my personal life, what I do or use, and how I combat life with several allergies.

In no way am I claiming to know all, I am constantly learning and researching how to be better. So, if one of my posts has discrepancies please politely correct me!

For my post regarding what I specifically plan on doing with this blog, please see my goals post!

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